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Boring and  Turning

Okuma L1420 CNC latheWe have both CNC lathes and manual lathes to accommodate a wide range of  large and small parts, simple to complex parts, and small to large  orders.  Our Bullard vertical turret lathe will hold up to a 56" diameter part. We only use what we believe to be the best equipment on the market to ensure high quality product.  We commonly hold tolerances of  up to .0005".

  • Okuma LU15, 4 axis, live tooling, SMW short bar feed, parts catcher,10" chuck or collett chuck, and a large 2.75" spindle hole to bar feed large bar stock.  We can turn, bore, mill, drill holes in various places and complete a precise part from one machine.

  • 2) Okuma LB15 CNC,  8" and 10" chuck, 1.7" spindle hole, 15 hp
    Maximum work turning diameter and work length  9.87" x 9.06"

  • 2) Okuma L1420 CNC, 15" chuck big bore, 3.6" spindle hole, 30hp
    Maximum work turning diameter and work length 14.17" x 25.59"

  • 56" Bullard Vertical Turret lathe, 56" chuck, 40hp                                                                             
    Maximum work turning diameter and work length  56" x 24"

  • Warner & Swasey 3A turret lathe, 21" chuck, 30hp

  • Warner & Swasey No.4 turret lathe, 10" chuck

  • Warner & Swasey No. 3 turret lathe, 8" chuck

Our CNC lathes have had their capabilities expanded with our new CAD/CAM program(Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing). 
This allows us to do more complex work than ever.

                                                                                                     Bullard 56" verticle turret lathe


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