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Steam and Gas engine Restoration

Steam Engine Restoration

In the early twentieth century the Kramer family ran a threshing ring powered by a Port Huron traction engine. It has become a family tradition, and also a way of carrying on our heritage, to preserve and restore steam engines. We are equipped with working knowledge that has been passed down from former generations.


If an engine has been sitting a while or didn't receive proper lubrication the cylinders often need to be bored out. We have the capability to line bore compound cylinders. The largest cylinders we have bored were for a 35hp Advance compound engine. This engine never ran right before we bored the cylinders and upon setting it up in our lathe we found the high and low pressure cylinders were not machined in line with each other thus causing the engine to be in a bind!

Babbitt Bearings

We have the proper tools and experience to accurately heat, pour, and scrape Babbitt bearings. We use high quality materials to ensure the bearings have a long life. We can fabricate shim sets or if you have a complete set (original) we can use those as well.


Wheels, Gears, & Flywheels
Often times, due to the fact that it wasn't always a daily necessity, greasing the wheels was sometimes forgotten all together. KPE is able to bore and turn wheels and gears. We can either make bushings or pour Babbitt to make a better than new fit!




Boiler Tubing & Piping

Occasionally boiler tubing needs to be replaced. Flues are designed to transfer heat very well and thus are thin and prone to pitting over time. KPE can remove and install new flues in minimal time. We can also provide boiler tubing to those who wish to do their own work. KPE also can make and replace custom length pipe which is also occasionally required to maintain safe operation. We have most sizes of full length black pipe in stock.



Hand Hole plates

KPE can easily machine and fabricate new hand hole plugs. We use an original as an example and cad a drawing. The studs are machined new and permanently installed. These provide a nice tight fit and help prevent gaskets from blowing out! This can be helpful when repairing a hand hole in a boiler as we can make the plug oversize to fit the larger hole.












Oil Field and Gas Engine Restoration


NEW - 4HP Reid Flywheels!!!

Repair 1 1/2 HP International Harvester



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